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Aviva Pet Insurance Contact Number

Contact Aviva Pet Insurance | 0843 515 8699We know how much you love your cat or dog. The Aviva insurance contact number can be found on this page and is the best telephone number to get you connected to a friendly advisor. Dog and Cat owners, get total piece of mind with Aviva pet insurance.

When you contact Aviva today you can get a quote for this highly specialised and comprehensive insurance. You can put your mind at ease knowing that your beloved furry friend is protected and, you can rest easy with the knowledge that should your pet become ill or injured, they are fully covered.

Here is what Aviva Pet Insurance comes with as standard:

  • Your vet bills covered for injuries or accidents that happen to your pet. Up to £6500 per annum, per pet insured. No more huge vet bills!
  • Third party liability for dog owners. You are covered for upto £1 million.
  • Up to £1000 for kennel or cattery costs, should you have to spend 48 hours in hospital. No stress trying to sort a kennel or cattery at short notice.
  • Aviva claims number, available 24/7.
  • Your pet insurance automatically provides 6 month cover for you and your pet should you go abroad (applies to member countries of the Pets Travel Scheme excluding non-EU and long-haul countries as defined by DEFRA).

The Aviva insurance contact number can be found below. Call Now.

Aviva Claims Contact Number: 0843 515 8699.

Aviva’s pet insurance is one of the most comprehensive pet insurance products on the market. It fully protects your cats and dogs, whilst giving complete piece of mind. No need to worry about costly accidents, injuries or even illnesses.

When you call the telephone number for Aviva today, our friendly and expertly trained staff will be more than happy to discuss your policy or provide you with a fantastic quote. Stop worrying about the future of your well loved pets. When your pets are insured with Aviva you will sleep soundly.

Get a Free Quote Now, call the Aviva Telephone Number on 0843 515 8699.

What Aviva Customers Say

I have 3 cats and they mean the world to me. After one of them was hit by a car, I decided to contact Aviva. The quote was much lower than I expected and the cover has helped me to not worry when Daisy, Minxy and Tabs are out and about.

from Sharon Niles, Portsmouth.

When I called the Aviva claims number, I was astonished at the level of cover offered. I compared the insurance and I found that Aviva’s policy offered me a whole lot more than other competitors. Needless to say I have now been a customer for nearly 12 months. I tell all my neighbours about their pet insurance.

from David Thompson, Leeds.

To contact Aviva today just call the number on this page.

Aviva Telephone Number: 0843 515 8699.

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